Family Office

Aspida Capital is a single-family office managing property investments of Tony Yerolemou and his family

Tony Yerolemou was born in Cyprus. He moved to the UK in 1960, when he joined the family business, which supplied Cypriot food to shopkeepers all around the country. He established the ‘Cypressa’ brand and started supplying products to the UK supermarkets. In addition to this, Tony Yerolemou opened restaurants and food manufacturing businesses which supplied ready meals to the UK supermarkets, becoming the biggest private company in its field.

The manufacturing business was sold in 2000 to an Icelandic group for £110 million.


Aspida Capital’s role is to manage relationships with property industry, financial institutions and legal professionals and to acquire and manage investments opportunities for the family. We also provide governance and management structure that deals with the complexities of the family’s wealth transparently. Our performance is measured in terms of the family’s wealth preservation.

In addition, Aspida Capital has relationships with a significant number of other single and multi-family offices to whom we provide support and syndication opportunities.